Tuition for the 23/24 School Year

Payments begin in July 2023 and end in April 2024.
To register a student at St. Mary/McCormick Catholic Academy each family must complete a Tuition Agreement form and for any family seeking the in-vicariate rate the Blue Water Catholic School Active Parishioner Verification Form needs to be filled out. These forms should be brought to the school office along with the Registration Fee.

Non Refundable Registration Fee:

Early Bird Registration (before June 15) $300 per family
Registration Fee: $400 per family

In Vicariate:

1 Kindergarten –Grade 8 Child $4,500 ($450 per month)
*Each additional child is $3,000 ($300 per month for each additional child)

Out of Vicariate:

1 Kindergarten –Grade 8 Child $5,750 ($550 per month)
*Each additional child $3,000 ($300 per month for each additional child)

Young 5’s (M-F):

Five Half or Five Full Days $4,500 ($450 per month) (~$28/day)

Preschool (M-F):

Five Full or Half Days $4,500 ($450 per month) (~$28/day)

Three Full or Half Days (Mon, Wed. & Fri.) $3,600 ($360 per month) (~$37/day)

Two Full or Half Days (Tues. & Thurs.) $3,600 ($360 per month) (~$55/day)

Parent Volunteer Hour Requirement

Parent Volunteer Hours: 20 hours of volunteer time is required per family. This involves
participation in P.T.O. sponsored fundraisers, noon supervision, and other school
sponsored events. Anyone who serves time the evening of the Fall Harvest Auction will
receive double time for their hours. Volunteer time is valued at $25 per hour. Payment of
$500 can be made in lieu of serving. A listing of opportunities to achieve volunteer hours
will be provided at the start of the year.

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