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Fourth Grade

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  • Starting in 4th Grade, there are more club/sports activities! See our Extracurricular Activities and Sports tabs for more information. 
  • Students take on additional responsibilities throughout the school year like hosting Masses and being designated buddies for younger students.
  • Girls now get to wear uniform skirts instead of jumpers just like the middle schoolers!
  • 4th graders  get to experience fun learning field trips such as trips to the nature center, museum, and Goodells Earth Fair.

A Typical Day in Fourth Grade at SM/MCA

Students start the day with morning announcements and prayer. Our mornings consist of language arts, math, writing, grammar, and reading. We have lunch and snack breaks and we always pray together before we eat. Each day we have one or two specials, which can be: Technology, music, spanish, art, gym, or library. Our afternoons consist of religion, science, and social studies. Students have the opportunity to enjoy recess together on our beautiful playground or on rainy days inside our gym. Students have many outdoor sports equipment to use inside and outside.

Fourth Grade Highlights at SM/MCA


  • Weekly Mass attendance
  • Take part in the Sacrament of Reconciliation during Advent and Lent 
  • Monthly 1st Monday Prayer services and virtue discussion
  • Lenten Stations of the Cross and Advent prayer services
  • Participate in daily prayer and monthly Adoration
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in doing the readings for Mass.
  • Students can also participate in altar serving.
  • Students are taught morals and values through virtues. 
  • Read and interpret scriptures. 
  • Students are encouraged to develop their personal relationship with God and to share their faith with others.

Social Studies

  • The 4th grade will learn about the regions, states, and geography of the United States.
  • Students will perform state reports.
  • Students will learn important events in American History along with the beginnings and basics of economics and government. 
  • Students have project-based learning experiences together. For example, they will have to collaborate together to design a poster.


  • Practice our cursive daily by writing scriptures in cursive.
  • Grammar skills daily.
  • Draft, revise, edit and write a complete piece of writing in the writing areas of personal narratives, expository writing, descriptive and persuasive writing.
  • Students have a daily journal.


  • Comprehension and vocabulary skills worked on daily.
  • Read novels together as a class.
  • Studying the different genres in literature.
  • Monthly book reports.
  • Learn reading strategies to help form students into better readers.


  • Problem solving and projects to apply mathematical learning
  • Perimeter and area
  • Basic geometry skills
  • Fractions: unit fractions, part of a whole, part of a set, equivalent


  • Students learn by experiencing and interacting with science
  • Students make predictions and observations, collect and analyze data, and share conclusions.
  • Plants and Animals: Life Cycles, adaptation, traits
  • Challenge students with S.T.E.M activities.

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