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Extracurricular Activities

Student Council

Students in grades 6th-8th grade may run for Student Council. This group promotes responsibility while planning fun events, like dances, as well as organizing fundraisers to pay for the events. There is a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer for student council, as well as 2 representatives from each grade (6th-8th). This extracurricular activity runs throughout the whole school year.

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)

Students in grades 7th and 8th may join National Junior Honor Society. Just like National Honor Society at the high school level, students are required to complete community service hours. This group helps form our middle school students into responsible adolescents. This extracurricular activity runs throughout the whole school year. 

Academic Olympics

Students in 5th-8th grade may participate in our Blue Water Vicariate Academic Olympic competition. Students form teams to compete in different events, including: Forensics, Mathematics, Religion, and Problem Solving. Students compete against other schools in our Blue Water Vicariate at their grade level. The competition is typically held in February each year.

Kindness Crew

Students in 5th-8th grade can join the Kindness Crew, run by Mrs. Young. The 5th grade class of 22/23 decided they wanted to start doing kind things for the other students in the school. They came up with creative ideas to promote kindness which include kindness posters throughout the school, doing random acts of kindness for the students and staff, and starting a Caught Being Kind program. Students who are caught being kind will get their name entered into a raffle to win a prize off the Kindness Cart! This crew has been a great way for students to recognize ways we can serve others.


LEGO Club is available to different sets of grades and is focused on STEAM. We have our Beginner Scientists LEGO Club for grades Kindergarten and First, our Junior Scientists LEGO Club for second through fourth grade, and our Advanced Scientists LEGO Club for fifth through eighth grade. Students are given a task or problem that needs to be overcome and utilize LEGOs to solve the problem. Tasks include building bridges, making boats, etc. LEGO Club can take place throughout the year at the availability of our wonderful parent volunteers. 

Chess Club

Chess Club is available to students in grades 4-8. It is run by a local chess expert. Students learn how to play Chess starting from the basics and working towards more advanced strategies. They practice these strategies in games against each other as well as against other chess experts in the area. Chess Club starts near the beginning of the year and typically ends in December.

Community Service

Throughout the school year our school hosts many different drives to help give back to the community. These community service projects/drives are available to the entire school community. Drives typically include food drives for those in need, diaper drives for parents in need, etc.

Safety Patrol/Service Squad

Our 5th grade students help promote safety and responsibility in our school when they join Safety Patrol/Service Squad. The 5th graders are in charge of taking down the flag each day, keeping the hallways safe, helping younger grades pack up at the end of the day, and helping in the lunchroom.

Yearbook Club

Students in grades 5-8 have the opportunity to join our Yearbook Club. Students get to work on their photography and graphic design skills. Students in Yearbook Club are assigned various pages to work on that will be featured in our yearbook. The students are given guidance by our Yearbook Adviser, Mrs. Young.

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