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Tuition Assistance & Financial Aid

Financial Aid Opportunities Available

There are many different financial aid opportunities available to our students.


Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance Application

St. Mary/McCormick Catholic Academy and the Archdiocese of Detroit, offer support in the area of tuition assistance for qualifying families. The first step to qualifying is completing and submitting the Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance application.


After you have completed and submitted the application, the Archdiocese will let St.

Mary/McCormick Catholic Academy know whether or not you have qualified for tuition assistance through the Archdiocese. 


It is important to complete this application within the time frame recommended by the Academy and the Archdiocese of Detroit. It will need to be completed and submitted yearly. We ask that all Archdiocesan Applications are completed and mailed to Private School Aid Services no later than April 1st of each year. The Archdiocese will notify us as to whether or not you qualify before the beginning of the school year, in same year you completed the application.


Chargot Fund

Active St. Mary parishioners that are in need of financial assistance can also apply for the Academy’s Chargot Memorial Fund. Please come in to the school office to receive the application form.


RaiseRight Program

RaiseRight is a fundraiser that costs you nothing and can be applied to your tuition. Many of our families use RaiseRight daily and have had major savings on their tuition because of it. RaiseRight is simply another word for gift cards or gift certificates used the same as cash for everyday purchases of consumer goods and services.


The RaiseRight Program purchases these gift cards/certificates at a discount and sells them at face value. The discounted percentage is profit for St. Mary/McCormick Catholic Academy. There are more than 300 retailers to pick from both local and national. For example, if a family spends $100.00 on gasoline per week, they would first purchase a $100.00 Speedway gift card from the RaiseRight Program. The gift card is discounted at 4%, so the RaiseRight Program paid $96.00. Our school splits the percentage difference with parents. You can apply your half toward your student’s tuition.


For more details go to  or call (810) 982-7906.