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Second Grade

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  • Every Friday afternoon- Crafternoon! As long as the weeks’ work has been completed, crafternoon is a time for the students to free create using art supplies including paint, glitter, clay, glue, etc! Crafternoon is also a time to create science experiments such as ooblek, slime, elephant toothpaste and more! Crafternoon is always the highlight of the student’s week!
  • Because second grade is a sacrament year- there are also many fun activities associated with First Reconciliation and First Communion. The students work on memorizing prayers specific to reconciliation as well as how to spontaneously pray and have meaningful conversations with Jesus! We also have a tasting celebration as part of First Communion preparation.

A Typical Day in Second Grade at SM/MCA

The day usually begins with the students arriving and working on STEAM bins to get the day going.  We then move on to whole group instruction to introduce new topics. With our small class sizes, there are many opportunities for students to receive one-on-one or small group instruction on topics they may be struggling with. The students receive 20 minute recesses throughout the day as well as lunch and 2 separate snack times. Free play time is still a vital part of a young kids’ day, and they are given ample time in between subjects to explore and learn on their own. Math is incorporated into different subject areas but also given a dedicated half-hour to an hour period every day. Language Arts time includes writer’s workshop, small reading groups, weekly spelling words, and phonics time. The students also receive daily religion class, as well as weekly art, gym, music, library, technology, and Spanish classes.

Second Grade Highlights


  • Daily prayer at snack and morning announcements
  • Participate weekly in Mass
  • Reconciliation and First Eucharist Preparation
  • Parts of the Mass
  • Catholic Social teachings
  • Develop prayer life and focus on character


  • Weekly Writers workshop and daily writing journals
  • Simple to more complex sentences
  • Paragraph formation
  • Using adjectives, adverbs, basic grammar, nouns, verbs, and pronouns
  • The writing process- brainstorming, rough draft, revising, rewriting


  • Refine phonic skills
  • Weekly spelling words with leveled lists
  • Improve reading skills by learning a range of decoding strategies
  • Explore a wide variety of genres
  • Small, flexible reading groups

Social Studies

  • Community and home
  • Geography
  • Government
  • History
  • Economics


  • Matter and its interactions
  • The Scientific Method
  • Plants, animals, and life cycles
  • Earth’s materials
  • Tools and Technology


  • Adding & Subtracting with and without regrouping
  • Place value and number sense to 1,000
  • Telling time 
  • Counting Money
  • Measurement
  • Geometry

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