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First Grade

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  • In First grade we really start to develop our reading and phonics skills!
  • We work on being more independent and responsible.
  • We get weekly spelling words to expand our vocabulary and develop our writing skills.
  • We work on being the best versions of ourselves and being good neighbors to each other!
  • We now attend monthly Adoration, just like the big kids!

A Typical Day in First Grade at SM/MCA

A typical day for the life of a first grader at St. Mary/McCormick Catholic Academy is filled with smiles and encouragement. As first graders we are learning some big things, not only academically but socially. Feelings are a big part of our first graders as we are just beginning to explore some “big kid” emotions and we emphasize with each other and talk things out. We also learn some pretty cool things such as reading stories that blast us off to the moon, learn math strategies such as process of elimination, and perform science experiments that encourage patience and observation. Our faith in God is always present as we make the time to stop and pray, think of others, show acts of kindness, and listen to the teachings of Jesus so he can fill our hearts with love every day.

First Grade Highlights


  • Daily prayer at snack and morning announcements
  • Participate weekly in Mass
  • Participate in monthly Adoration
  • Learn the Our Father, Glory Be, Hail Mary, Angel of God, and Grace prayers
  • Learn the foundations of our Faith


  • Develop reading ability to be able to read longer texts throughout the year
  • Practice comprehension and accuracy through literature
  • Introduced to a variety of genres of literature
  • Expand vocabulary through daily reading and lessons


  • Work with hands-on manipulatives while practicing different math skills
  • Understand and identify 2D and 3D shapes
  • Recognize and count different coins and bills
  • Work on recognizing time on both analog and digital clocks
  • Add and subtract single and double digit numbers


  • Enjoy hands-on experiments!
  • Understand the life cycle of plants and animals
  • Learn about space and study the moon
  • Learn about basic physics
  • Understand the weather


  • Have daily writer’s workshop to develop writing skills
  • Fine tune their handwriting
  • Introduce and practice spelling words each week
  • Develop their writing to work towards writing full paragraphs

Social Studies

  • Understand and create maps about the environment around us
  • Learn about Economics and understand supply/demand
  • Learn about some of our country’s history
  • Learn about citizenship and practice being good citizens

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