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The History of St. Mary / McCormick Catholic Academy

St. Mary Academy was established in 1963 as a first -through eighth-grade Catholic elementary school. Later, preschool and kindergarten classes were added.


In 1992, St. Mary Academy became a preschool through fifth grade school as they moved their sixth, seventh and eighth grade classes to St. Stephen Parish to be a part of a new program/school, McCormick Catholic Academy (MCA).


McCormick Catholic Academy opened in August 1992, with 77 students. The school was named after Rev. Msgr. E.J. McCormick who was the longtime pastor of St. Stephen Parish (1925-1960) and a great supporter of Catholic school education and children.


During the next eleven years, McCormick’s enrollment and programs grew. In 2003-2004 a steady decline in enrollment began partially as a result of St. Joseph School closing. At that time discussion began once again as to what could be done to strengthen and preserve sixth, seventh, and eighth grade Catholic school education in the Port Huron area. St. Mary Parish proposed housing the sixth, seventh and eighth grades. This option was accepted.


On March, 21, 2007, Cardinal Adam Maida, Archbishop of Detroit, gave approval for the merger of McCormick Catholic Academy with St. Mary Academy into one, parish-based school entity. After much planning and hard work on a capital campaign, four classrooms were added to the original St. Mary Academy. The Academy then became St. Mary/McCormick Catholic Academy in October 2007.


St. Mary/McCormick Catholic Academy welcomes children of all faiths! Openings are available in many grades. Please call the school office at 982-7906 ext. 106 to speak to our principal.

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