Catholic Foundation

At St. Mary/McCormick Catholic Academy, Religion is not just a daily class, it is a way of life and preparation for life. We take pride in the enduring value of a faith-based education.

All students in grades first through eighth attend Mass at 8:15 on Wednesday mornings. Each of our classes, grades first through eighth, are responsible for hosting Mass at least twice, if not three times a year.

Opportunities for faith formation and spiritual growth in the Catholic Faith are numerous. These opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Weekly Mass attendance
  • Hosting Mass; Students participate as readers, gift bearers, altar servers and in music ministry.
  • Monthly Eucharistic Adoration
  • Liturgical celebrations
  • Participation in the Sacramental Life of the Church
  • Daily prayer and Gospel reflection
  • Community and Parish service events
  • Stations of the Cross and other Lenten Activities
  • Advent Activities
  • Sacramental Preparation; First Eucharist, First reconciliation, Confirmation
  • Blessing of the Pets Ceremony (In honor of St. Francis, Assisi, Patron of Animals)
  • All Saints Day Celebration
  • Opportunities to understand and practice Catholic Social Teaching and Justice

The Catholic school advantage is reflected in the philosophy that permeates the total education program and the lives of the faculty and students. This philosophy challenges students to improve the world by sharing Gospel values and living Christ’s message of salvation. They grow to understand the roots of their faith and their responsibilities as Christians.

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