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6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Religion – St. Mary/McCormick Academy – Mrs. Crimmins  (810) 982-7906 Ext. 153

Introduction: The Religion Curriculum is structured to be comprehensive in scope while providing an achievable set of learning outcomes for students. It emphasizes God’s invitation to a loving relationship with Him through encounter with His Son Jesus Christ and the student’s free response to His invitation as appropriate for each grade level. Knowing Jesus in a personal way opens the mind and heart of the student to want to grow in knowledge about God and the Catholic Church and adherence to magisterial teaching – to live as a joyful missionary of Jesus Christ. (AOD Religion Curriculum, 2017)

Classroom Rules: 1. Bring needed material to class. 2. Be on time and ready to participate. 3. Be respectful!

Class Materials: • 2 Composition Notebooks (ACTS Prayer Journal/Interactive Religion Notebook) • Textbooks • Writing Utensils (Pencil – daily work. Pens – finals drafts/checking assignments).